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J.L. McIntosh
Founded in 1877 by John L. McIntosh.

You've never had a friend like us.

   Since 1877 J.L. McIntosh has been finishing projects for the graphic arts industry. Some of our first work was hand-folding maps for the powerhouses of print in the Boston and New England region. Today we provide the benchmark in knowledgable service and quality. Let us help you sell more print and ask us about a proposal your client would like to finish: we'd be happy to consult and let you know how to design the piece to have the most effect; or how we can do large runs for Business to Business partnerships and let you know how best to scale your print production by coupling with our vast range of print industry services.

Our pressmen and leadership have a deep knowledge and understanding of the print vocation. Count on JL McIntosh when you send us your order. Puedes tener confianza en JL McIntosh cuando nos mandará su orden.

JL McIntosh also offers:
Deckling - we shave any flush cut sheet to have a "deckle" edge. The original deckle was the part of the mold used to form the edge of the sheet in the early paper making process. It was rough and wooden, the paper quality directly correlated to the craftsmanship in the manufacture of the wooden square "deckle" edge where the pulp would butt up and form the edge of the sheet. This process can only produce paper that chemically degrades after fifty years, but color accuracy is lost after only a few years. Only JL McIntosh can cut any size sheet of any stock to form your custom manufactured invitations, letters of recommendation, and certificate holders. 

Mounting - we can glue sheets of acetate to hold a card or picture onto a deckled sheet and mount that onto a folder.. Which can then be FOIL STAMPED with your organization's logo, picture, or clever slogan. Emboss or deboss with a combination die to emphasize or balance certain aspects of your design. Subtle text of your final proof may include letterpress from one of our Heidelberg Windmills.

JL McIntosh can add value to your printing needs that cannot be duplicated in this hemisphere.

We've been here to make your message last.

Since 1877.

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